Michael P. Smith



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Personal Skill Set


strategic and critical thinker,

relaxed, resilient,

managed stress,

self-starter, decisive,

systematic planner,

detail-oriented, flexible,

intense focus,

right time, right action,

leader of substance and strength,

motivator, team builder,

team player, visionary,

skilled listener,

strong communicator,

educator, way-guide, trainer, mentor,

balanced perspective,

life long learner,

quick, intense learner,

sustained high energy,

problem solver .

Business Management Skill Set

Personal Financial Advising,

Equity and Debt Financing,

Financial Analysis & Planning,

General Accounting & Reporting,

Operations Analysis,

New Venture Development Strategies / Negotiations,

Forecast & Valuation Modeling,

Capital Management,

Strategic Business Development,

Due Diligence,

Business Process Improvement,

Value Improvement,


Exit & Transition Strategies / Planning / Implementation,

Marketing & Sales Management

Software Engineering Skill Set

Design Specification: UML, Use Cases

Design Methodologies: Waterfall, BU, SA, SD, RUP, UX, Usabiliy Design, Object-Oriented Design, Prototyping, RAD, Scrum, Agile, Extreme

Design Frameworks: MVC, Full-Stack

Software Development: C++, VB, Java, JavaScript, VBScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby

SDE: Visual Studio, Vi, Emacs

Version Control: SCCS, RCS, CVS, Subversion, Github,

Testing: Selenium, A/B,

Internet Frameworks: AJAX, JSON, AngularJS, ReactJS, Ember.js, Backbone, Node.js, Bootstrap, JQuery, XQuery, PhoneGap, XML DOM, HTML DOM

Internet Development: Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, XML, MS IIS, Apache, ASP, Java Servlets, REST, DCOM, COM+, LESS, SASS, EJB, J2EE,

Internet Productivity: E-Commerce (Magento, Woo Commerce, Shopify), Content Management Systems (Drupal, Wordpress, joomla) , Client Relationship Management (Vtiger, SugarCRM)

System Internals Development: Windows NT/98/2000, Unix, Linux, LAMP

System Maintenance: VAX, NT, Unix, Linux, CentOS

Network Protocols: TCP/IP, IEEE 802.3, RFCs, X.25, ATM,

Expert Systems: Prolog, Lisp, Frames

Database Design & Development: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Dbase, Access,

Office Productivity: MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, OpenOffice, Calyx Point

Multimedia Development: Digital / Video Photography, Final Cut Pro Suite, Adobe Suite

Statistical / Simulation / Modeling Analysis: SPSS, MyStat, Logo. Excel

Credits, Certifications, Licenses, Patents & Publications

Nevada Real Estate Licensed

Nevada Mortgage Agent Licensed

California Life Insurance Licensed

Television Credit: Executive Producer, Tha Zone TV, "Be Seen, Be Heard" series (21 eps.) on Colours TV Network.

Television Credit: Associate Producer, "Damaged Goods" documentary special on Showtime Network.

US Patent: 5,452,011, September 19, 1995, Method and device for film-mode detection and field elimination, a method for determining which of similar video fields may be excised to enhance video signal compression.


MASTERS OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, FINANCE & ENTRENEURIAL OPERATIONS, Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA. Areas of study include financial institutions, corporate structure, options and derivatives, mergers and acquisitions, international finance, portfolio management, securities regulations, securities analysis, new venture financing, operations management, and new venture evaluation.

MASTERS OF ENGINEERING, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB. Areas of study included VLSI design, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, computer architecture and parallel computing systems. Additional activities included role as president then director of Caribbean Students' Association.

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE in COMPUTER ENGINEERING, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB. Areas of study include VLSI design, software engineering, and electronics. Additional activities included roles as president of the Computer Engineering Club, vice-president of the Engineering Students' Society and liaison to IEEE Computer Chapter.

Experience (2012 to Present)

(2017-) Yayacity.com - Responsible for the rapid development and deployment of an online coupon system where rideshare drivers refer visitors to vendors in exchange for a referral fee. We employed a Javascript client / LAMP server architecture using blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. By automating and anonymizing the sales and referral actors in the system we developed an efficient ecosystem that automatically adapts to supply and demand.

(2012-2017) AdvisingFirm.com - Designed and implemented various marketing strategies for clients to identify motivated prospects for real estate services, real estate investments, residential loan services, business brokering services, business financing services, insurance services and medical offices. Provided information technology support including customer relationship management software, website and social media design and management. Made in-person, online and telephone appointments and presentations to attract prospective clients and to maintain client relationships. Created and maintained relationships with referral partners in related industries. Set and monitored weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual goals. Consistently achieved 96% or better client satisfaction ratings. Regularly exceeded per client revenue goals.

  • Personal Care Agency client: integrated diverse business processes in order to streamline operations, effect paperless operations and facilitate distributed and remote management.
  • Neurology Office client: coordinated startup of two practitioner medical office including strategy, planning, marketing, credentialing, negotiating contracts with third party payers, selecting and operating electronic medical records (EMR), selecting and negotiating with vendors, hiring, managing payroll, billing, accounting and banking.
  • Zissues.com client: developed software and coordinated international development team to implement user genreated content site of community issues with tools to engage existing and new supporters, build consensus and raise funds.
  • Private security client: implemented a client-side security and document sharing application using NodeJS on mobile devices.

(-2012) Various -

  • TELCU - Los Angeles - Taught high school and college level math courses to veterans and people with disabilities for 2 years. Developed curriculum, student assesments and grading.
  • California State University Los Angeles - Taught problem solving course to freshmen engineering students for 3 years. Developed curriculum, testing and automated scoring systems. Provided mentorship and job placement opportunities.
  • Synergetic Systems - Inglewood CA - provided local area and wide area network installations to all schools and administrative offices in the Inglewood Unified School District. Provided consulting services to thier director of information systems. Remotely managed network opporations and provided direct support to staff and students. Provided training classes and individual tutorials for staff and students.
  • IRIS - Chatsworth CA - designed and implemented user interface for urinalysis and hematology medical devices. Designed SQL database, developed test suites and automated deployment scripts.